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The word “organic” refers to a living organism. Organic describes living matter. In being organic, we are living. We’ve lost what living is all about in the last 50, 60 years. We’ve immersed ourselves in today’s modern times and have forgotten ourselves. Tension. Technology. Computers. Unhealthy lifestyles. Life was a lot different 50, 60 years ago. 

Today, we spend most of our days in a waking sleep. We are not thinking about our own selves, our bodies, and what we need in the present moment. Minutes and days go by in somnolence. We think and dream about what we will do in the future and forget about living truly in the moment. In short, we lose our sense of being, and of being organic.

For Organic Pedicure, we proudly carry BCL Spa was the first brand to offer a complete manicure and pedicure system with Certified Organic ingredients. 


At BCL, their goal is to bring people to a higher state of awareness through our SPA experiences. To encourage people to re-create purpose for themselves, and to re-energize through the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, sound. We seek to provide a happier, healthier state of consciousness with the BCL SPA Philosophy, Education, and Product Lines.





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