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DIPPING MANICURE The Next Generation in Nail Enhancement Technology


Dip Powder is a safe, healthy alternative to acrylics and gel polish. Dip Powders are fast to apply and odor free, have NO monomer odor when applied, can be done in half the time as acrylics, and soak off easier than gel polish (no scraping!), leaving the nail healthy and beautiful after removal.

Dip powder can last for 3 to 4 weeks - good luck getting even two weeks with gel polish! The application time for dip powder is similar to gel polish, but removal is easier.

Dip Powders outlast gel polish and are as durable as acrylics. Dip powders DO NOT use ingredients found in Gel and Acrylic that are known to result in allergic reactions. Dip powders DO NOT contain ingredients that are known for weaken/soften nail beds.

At Organic Style Nails, we’re specialized in Dip Powders and also do the traditional acrylic. We offers over 600 colors of Dipping Powder with all popular brands now on the market O.P.I, Kiaria Sky, Nugenesis, TruDip, Nexgen...  250 colors can match 3in1 (Dip/ Gel/ Regular Polish).





Doesn't find any style you like? Pintrest and show us. We can match 99%.


  • Non-Toxic & Odor-Free

  • No UV Light

  • No Harmful Primers

  • Light Weight & Flexible

  • Strong & Durable

  • Can add tip to make length

  • Long Lasting Color & Forever Shine

  • Healthier Nail Beds

  • Calcium and Vitamin E fortified

​Natural Fresh Manicure

Experience a relaxing soak in our luxurious bowl . Includes nails shaping, cuticles trimming and massage  with natural lotion & oil.  Finished with a polish application of your choice to make your nails look and feel rejuvenated.

Average 5-minute massage.

getting mani

Organic Collagen Manicure

Relax as we pamper your hand with the attention they are so often denied. As an add bonus to our Classic Manicure, treat your skin to a softening exfoliation with Natural sea salt Scrub. It is followed by an application of natural masque to detoxify your skins and restore your energy. Enjoy a soothing relaxing avocado natural massage lotion.  Last but not least, wrap your hands with collagen gloves to deep moisturize tired hands.

Average 10 mins massage.

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